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The survival of a country depends on its citizens. A country that can sustain the level of knowledge proficiency will be able to ensure its sustainability. The increasing global challenges have been forcing all nations to find means of enhancing human capital to compete with the outside world.


Hence methods to enhance the excellences in human capital should be discussed. Academicians should discuss and argue on methods that can develop human capital to achieve excellence.


All necessary planning and research results should be presented, discussed and collected so that eventually they can be useful materials to help the responsible parties for policy formulation and administration of the country to achieve excellence in human capital
Thus, Human Capital Development Seminar 2010 (SEMAI 2010) was chosen SUSTAINABILITY OF HUMAN CAPITAL IN FACING GLOBAL CHALLENGES as the theme.


Matters that will be discussed in this seminar are the research findings of local and regional researchers on updated issues and preparation of the society in developing human capital.


Important Dates

:: Confirmation of Selected Paper
Starting on: 15th September 2010

:: Seminar


5th to 6th October 2010